You train to make progress right?

You set goals, train consistently, work hard and hopefully, get the rewards you’re looking for.

However, there’s a common yet subtle mistake that almost everyone makes…

A lack of focus on your habits.

It’s the aspect that “glues” everything together.

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you want to become” – James Clear

Habits are a funny thing.

Take biting your nails for example. It’s one of the most common ‘bad habits’. 

If it gets really bad, you put stuff on your nails to make them taste horrible and stop you nibbling.

However, it doesn’t always work.

People will literally bite their terrible tasting nails out of habit.

Seems crazy right?

But it shows how powerful habits can be.

Especially bad habits.

Think about the things you do out of habit right now.

  • Scrolling mindlessly through social media
  • Grazing on snacks when you’re in the kitchen 
  • Snoozing your alarm
  • Skipping workouts, because you’re “too tired”

These are all habits, and they don’t line up with your goals… but what if they did?

What if your daily habits aligned with your goals?

Good habits can seem hard to come by, but once you form them, they’re like rocket fuel for your progress.

  • 1L of water straight after you wake up
  • Protein at every meal
  • A set sleep routine
  • A consistent workout routine

And the best part of forming them?

One good habit forms another.

And another.

And another.

Let me give you an example.

I started reading 10 pages a day at the start of the year.

At the start, it was a pain in the arse and I didn’t want to do it.

But I stuck with it. And now, it’s a habit I don’t even think about.

I just do it.

Which means I’ve expanded my knowledge, which has led to professional and personal growth. Which in turn has led to more opportunities and a demand for new habits.

See how this works?

The power of habits is undeniable and your potential to achieve great things drastically increases when you have positive, goal focused habits.

Which you can have, without having to turn your life upside down.

If you want a great place to start, check out our K1 8 Week Trial to get started and we’ll help you reach your potential.