At K1, we get a lot of questions regarding training and nutrition. We have a combined experience of just over 40 years in the industry, so we’ve heard quite a variety!

Some questions crop up time and time again so we decided to put together a list of the top 3  and tell you exactly what you need to know, without the confusion so you can stop worrying about what’s right and wrong and get on with putting your focus into getting results!

1- “I want to get rid of my stubborn belly fat, so should I do 100 crunches every day?”

Simply put the answer is a resounding no. The idea that we can reduce fat from a specific target area, known as spot reduction, is a complete myth.

Performing hundreds of crunches per day will help you get stronger in that area, given an appropriate amount of time and alongside a well programmed workout routine.

However, performing more sit-ups WILL NOT result in a greater loss of body fat from the abdominal region.

Try to think about fat loss as an overall process. You are likely to lose fat from areas where fat is less necessary, such as the face and limbs. Where you hold stubborn fat is largely governed by genetics and usually requires more time. 

Patience and consistency are key!

2 – “When is the best time to eat in order to lose weight?”

For 90% of the population, meal timing is not something you need to worry about. Partly because it isn’t always the most convenient, and in the grand scheme of things, the benefit is so small, that it tends to overcomplicate things, which leads to falling off the wagon altogether!

Think about the big picture. Calories are your main priority, get them right and you’ll lose weight. If your daily calorie target is 1500, it doesn’t matter if you eat that in 2 meals a day or 6! All that matters is the total amount at the end of the day.

3 – “What’s the best way to burn fat?”

This is by far the most frequent question we get asked, and for good reason. Everyone wants to know the secret behind how we get great results… and the answer is?

We take out the confusion!

There is so much confusion when it comes to eating and training in order to lose fat, and here at K1, we take that confusion away.

Let me ask you a few questions…

Do you know what the appropriate calorie deficit is for your body fat and training level?

Is your training programme built effectively?

Have you found a plan that you can stick to consistently without getting bored or unmotivated?

Fortunately for our members at our facility here in Beaconsfield our expert trainers remove the confusion and not only educate our clients on the truths of fat loss but adjust and tailor their diets to suit their needs 

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